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Why the graphene light bulb could switch on a new era of innovation

WASHINGTON (Washington Post) — Just a decade after graphene’s official discovery, we’re about to see the first commercially viable consumer product using this material: the graphene light bulb.

Grafoid Advances Its Graphene Commercialization Initiatives With the Planned Acquisition of Ames Rubber Corporation of Hamburg, New Jersey

OTTAWA (April 2, 2015) – Grafoid Inc. (“Grafoid” or the “Company”) – a complete solutions graphene company – is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement to acquire Ames Rubber Corporation, of Hamburg, New Jersey, a global leader in the design, development and production of specialty elastomeric materials and products used in defense, automotive, aerospace, personal protection, copiers and printers, and a broad range of industrial applications.

Focus Graphite: Double tracking to production

TORONTO (Jay Currie/National Post/Resources Wire) — Focus Graphite Inc. (TSX: V.FMS) is dual tracking its graphite deposit and graphene know how. On the one side it is heading towards developing a mine at its 100% owned Lac Knife, Quebec property. On the other side, through Grafoid Inc. (a private company) it is working toward commercial production of low-cost, high-purity MesoGraf™ graphene.