Why Grafoid?

Companies producing graphene material without a clear idea of their end markets — the classic technology ‘push’ strategy — will almost certainly fail. From the onset, Grafoid clearly understood that the key for long-term success in the graphene industry is not merely the mass production of economically scalable graphene; it is also the ability to adapt or tailor graphene to the unique requirements of industrial sectors and specific applications.

Grafoid is totally unique in the graphene space in that the Company does not sell graphene at the retail level. That conventional business model is simply not sustainable long term. Instead, Grafoid intends to sell graphene solutions to every industry. Grafoid endeavors to partner with companies in every industrial sector to deliver far superior solutions at very reasonable prices, in conjunction with industry partners who will have the potential to gain a leading position in their respective industries.

Grafoid’s MesoGraf™ high-energy density graphene is unique, and the Company’s graphene materials may enable its industry partners to become global leaders. Grafoid is poised to become a highly diversified and de-risked company. Grafoid’s customers are spread out over numerous market segments, meaning that the Company’s success will not depend on the success of any one application. Grafoid has the technology, coupled with the requisite scientific expertise to functionalize graphene. Unlike its competitors, Grafoid intends to generate revenue from every market sector and in literally hundreds of applications for many years to come.

  • Sells Graphene Solutions
  • Unique, Proprietary, One-Step Process to

    Produce Economically Scalable Graphene
  • A Diverse Company that Will Not Depend on

    the Success of One Application
  • Partners with Industry Leaders Worldwide to

    Advance Joint Applications
  • Positioned to Generate Revenue From

    Every Market Sector
  • MesoGraf™ – Grafoid’s Vision of a Global

    Standard for Graphene
  • Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable
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