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The graphene battery: No longer a domesticated pet sitting at the foot of its Li-ion battery master?

TORONTO (Luc Duchesne/InvestorIntel) — With the recent progress in the inclusion graphene in batteries as material for anodes, cathodes or supercapacitors, it seems reasonable to think we should accept the new naming convention “graphene battery” to reflect the immense contribution of graphene in increasing charging power and reversible capacity.

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Graphene investors take a bite at the market

LONDON (Andrew Bounds/ — Graphene, the wonder material discovered a decade ago, could soon be used in false teeth as it emerges out of the lab and into consumer products. Manchester-based 2-DTech aims to use the two-dimensional layer of carbon – which is super-strong, light and electrically conductive – in …

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Graphene laminates make good thermal coating for plastics

BRISTOL, England ( — Graphene laminate coatings can improve the thermal conductivity of plastic materials by up to 600 times. This new result, from an international team of researchers led by Alexander Balandin and Konstantin Novoselov, could substantially increase the potential range of practical applications for plastics, allowing them to …

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Building a global mine-to-renewable energy business platform

TORONTO (Tracy Weslosky/InvestorIntel) — When a kind word is spoken and praise is heaped upon a technology mining conglomerate by the doyen of the renewable energy sector, it doesn’t go unnoticed by our editorial team. Grafoid CEO Gary Economo and his partner teams at Focus Graphite, Stria Lithium, Hydro-Quebec, Braille …

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Formula E-racing to drive broader innovation

TORONTO (Andrew Lee/CBC News) — Flash forward to present day, and I find myself in a sea of white tents, the temporary garages for teams in the FIA Formula E Championship — an open-wheeled, electric car race held on a street track in Beijing this Saturday that organizers say is …

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