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Flexible graphene-based LED clears the way for flexible displays

MELBOURNE ( — Researchers from the University of Manchester and University of Sheffield have developed a new prototype semi-transparent, graphene-based LED device that could form the basis of flexible screens for use in the next-generation of mobile phones, tablets and televisions. The incredibly thin display was created using sandwiched “heterostructures”, …

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Researchers make magnetic graphene

LONDON ( — A team of physicists at the University of California, Riverside, has found an ingenious way to induce magnetism in graphene, while also preserving graphene’s electronic properties. The finding has the potential to increase graphene’s use in computers.

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Graphene’s mighty strength confirmed

LONDON (newelectronics) — Graphene’s exceptional strength has been confirmed by a team of Rice University researchers, who have tested the material’s properties by peppering it with microbullets. Led by materials scientist Edwin Thomas, the team used less than 1lb of graphene to prove that the material is on average 10 …

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